Northern Lights Cruise with Saga - Chapter 1

Date published: 04 Apr 17

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Aurora Borealis

Aurora Borealis ( The Northern Lights)The Aurora  Borealis. The Northern lights. A magical name , a magical phenomenon. Even saying the name warms the heart and puts a tingle down the spine. Magnetic particles of pure joy - the sight of which has been known to cause grown-ups to weep. Seeing the lights is humbling and life changing!

Rainbow colours leap across the sky dancing to a silent orchestra and a choir of oohs and aahs . A 3D real life fantasia. Pity the magic cannot be bottled and sold as a health restorer and tonic.

We are about to go on a trip of a lifetime and try and seek out these natural episodes of visual Prozac. We will be following the Norwegian coast, a coast of natural wonders, as it twists and turns northwards. Across the Arctic Circle and beyond, towards the end of the world!

After trying cruising on floating blocks of flats we have decided big is not always beautiful. Far too many people, far too many queues. The smaller the ship the more personal the experience. More sociable too.

The idea of doing nothing for a couple of weeks has huge appeal. Meals and destinations on tap. No need to pack and unpack and repack as we journey. Bring as much as you need, no questions asked. No trying to keep to a weight limit and bag size. Far easier and less stressful than flying, too.

Saga Pearl IIOur home for the next two weeks - SAGA PEARL II. Multi award winning Saga cruises are creating waves in the burgeoning cruise market. Exclusively serving the over 50s market with quality holidays and experiences. Silver travellers with silver and gold plated pensions eager to see the world in comfort and style. SAGA cruises, small enough to truly care, yet large enough to matter.

SAGA PEARL II is a small ship but perfectly formed. Yacht-like and looking splendid in deep blue and white. A classic and classy looking ship. A maximum of 449 guests are catered for by a crew of 252 - a ratio that puts most cruise lines to shame. Their loss is our gain. An astonishing 99.6% of holidaymakers rate the ship and cruises as either excellent or good. Repeat bookings rates are high, almost the best in the business. Being chauffeur driven to and from the port is a nice touch and included in the holiday price. No need to panic about the driving and where to park. Arrive in style feeling fully refreshed.

Saga Pearl II dining roomThe Aurora Borealis usually offers a superb display at this time of year. SAGA PEARL II will try and seek out mother nature's greatest firework show.

Hopefully this trip will shed some light (pardon the pun) on these ‘swords in heaven’ or ‘candle dragons’. Fingers-crossed for clear, starry nights as we follow the routes of the Vikings. Awaiting the big adventure.

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237 people found this feature helpful

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