The Travelling Pharmacist's Oceana Blog: Around the Norwegian Fjords - Chapter 1


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P&O Cruises - OceanaOur travelling pharmacist Dave Harcombe, a cruise virgin, has chosen P&O Cruises for his first expedition on the high seas accompanied by his wife Babs. Dave’s first-timer blog is not to be missed.

The Countdown begins!

Almost all of our ballroom dancing friends have been on a cruise. My wife and I haven't.

We have been very lucky and visited many countries whilst on holiday but never by ship.

About 7 years ago  Ian, a gruff deeply spoken Geordie said."Get yourself on a cruise. Fantastic food, 24 hours a day. Different countries each day. Do it before you both DIE!"

Fast forward to the present.Fortunately neither of us have died. Yes we are still alive and yes we are still cruise virgins. But not for much longer. Barbara and I have bitten the bullet and booked a trip to the Norwegian Fjords.

We both drink water, shower and bath in it but travelling on top of it - well that's a novelty. We have both been sea sick in Bridlington Bay. But we are up for the challenge.

Dave and Barbara HarcombeAs May fast approaches we are getting excited. This is a country of legends and myths.Will we see a troll?

Cruising is big business in the U.K.  Over 2 million people can't be wrong. And the economy benefits to the tune of 2 billion pounds a year. The Norwegian Fjords are becoming more and more popular with the seafaring Brits. We will be amongst the 200,000 visiting the area this year.

The tour looks interesting, the P&O Cruises price very good. Booking early we secured free return  coach travel between Southampton and home -a worthwhile saving.

We are finally ready to immerse ourselves in this modern cruising culture and ready to be bowled over by the scenery and culture of our North European neighbour.

So here’s to you Norway.
See you soon.

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Other Members' Thoughts - 2 Comment(s)

  • travelling-pharmacist
    over 5 years ago
    Thanks for your kind words.You will love Oceana.It's a midsized ship with such friendly staff.The feel of the ship is "homely". We took a cruise to Norway last year on Azura and we really hated it .It was everything we didn't want in a cruise and the crowds- OMG.We queued for everything and on the sea days , well , there was no where to sit -we had to go back into our cabin.Queuing to get on and off the ship - at least 30 mins.One day we stood in the rain for 25 mins .People everywhere .The self service restaurant was a bunfight , good job i used to play rugby as a lad so many years ago.
    But don't worry about Oceana, you will be fine.Lovely ship (fabulous atrium) , great food , great staff and wonderful fellow passengers.We have looked at the Med cruise also- we may book it later in the year.Go with the flow and ENJOY. Take care. DAVE
  • poppyfield25
    over 5 years ago
    Having been persuaded by family to take a cruise holiday it was with some trepidation we booked a P&O Oceana Med cruise. for April. I always said I preferred terra firma and the ability to explore and discover new and interesting places independently, however, after reading Dave Harcombe's blog I now feel I can look forward to a different and exciting holiday as a virgin cruiser, and put any misconceptions to rest. Thanks Dave, enjoyed the humour and interesting observations you experienced. poppyfield25