MSC Cruises Splendida - a Voyage Across the Mediterranean - Day 5


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Day at sea
Playa del Sol area7 am and the sun is again streaming through the window. Nothing for it other than an early breakfast. Being a sea day the restaurant is quite busy and our normal table is already taken. Changing from my normal routine I decide on the English style breakfast with eggs, bacon, baked beans, tomato and hash brown. Washed down with several cups of coffee I am ready for a day of relaxation and sun bathing in 'Top 18' an open air solarium on deck 18. The area is adults only, an oasis away from the public areas where you can chill out in comfort with its own jacuzzi and bar. This is a chargeable area at 30€ a day for a rattan sun bed and 10€ a day for a regular sun bed. These beds can also be reserved for the whole cruise at 100€ and 40€ respectively or just for an afternoon at half the daily rates. On arrival we are provided with large white towels embroidered with the solariums name. Being early we have a wide choice of positions so choose two loungers affording views out to sea. It is not long before other passengers arrive and the beds fill quickly, obviously a popular choice today.

Just before 11 am Pat disappears to the spa where she is booked in for the Bali Thalasso ‘Sea and Volcanos’, which she has been looking forward to especially after her ‘Blue Coral’ face treatment a few days ago which really impressed her.

L'EquatoreFor me it is a case of plastering on the Piz Buin 15 and enjoying the sunshine on the only sea day of the cruise. I do like these sun loungers that have the canopy enabling you to cover your head and shoulders whilst leaving the rest of the body exposed. I must have nodded off as next I am aware that HWSBO has returned wearing a smile a mile wide. The description I receive gives the impression of being put into a cocoon where the skin is exfoliated, covered with a special type of mud before the upper lid is lowered encapsulating the body and the mud is dried after which internal jets wash it off. It is described as a complete body treatment that uses mud and enriched creams to reduce the appearance of cellulite, also beneficial for those following weight loss programs. 

Time for lunch and we make our way to the Pago Pago buffet again. Considering it is a sea day it not that busy. The sweet and sour pork is a delight with rice and stir fried vegetables. No wine today so it’s back to 'Top 18' for the afternoon. Sun shining, blue sea and at peace with the world, what could be better.    

AtriumTonight is a green, white and red night representing an Italian night. The restaurant is decorated with flags, waiters have waist coats in the colours and the menu has been specially selected. Calamari’s to start followed by minestrone soup with mixed seafood as my main course. To finish it has to be the mixed ice cream again and yes it was rose wine. After dinner we visit the Virtual World, 4D Cinema and F1 Simulator. The 4D Cinema is really different but more suited to someone a lot younger than me, however I tried it. The F1 simulator is also for the younger generation.   
The show in the Strand Theatre is entitled ‘Italians’ Portrait of Italy. Again an excellent performance with special praise to Simone Carbonara, Mimma Barra and David Parga Garcia. The shows on this ship really are excellent and far beyond anything I have experienced on other ships. Time for a quick G&T before bed at one of the 17 bars. Returning to our cabin we can see the lights of Minorca creeping up on the port bow. Tomorrow Barcelona.

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Other Members' Thoughts - 3 Comment(s)

  • Fossil
    over 7 years ago
    Thank you for the kinds words. They really are appreciated.
  • HMJ
    over 7 years ago
    Reading Alan's blog brought memories flooding back as we were on the same cruise - albeit in the Yacht Club on Deck 18 as I'd won the cruise in a competition with Conde Nast Traveller Magazine.

    We bumped into Alan and his lovely wife when we were all waiting at Gerona airport for our flight home and he encouraged me to sign up to Silver Travel Advisor (after checking delicately that I was of a certain age!).

    Not only is Alan a good bloger, he's also a great ambassador for Silver Travel.
  • jane-granger
    over 7 years ago
    Alan, I just love reading your reviews, so comprehensive it,s almost as if we were there,
    I read so much about MSC and all to their good,
    We have just booked yet again with P & O but maybe it,s time to slip in a short Msc taster. We saw a lot of Poesia over the last 2 weeks were they following us, or us them,? She looked a splendid ship, as I,m sure they all are . I think I should do a ship visit when the next is available . Thanks for all the information you give us thoroughly enjoyable and detailed.