Great Brampton House, Herefordshire - Martin Miller's Hideaway


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Great Brampton HouseIf you are looking for a few indulgent days away with a difference, if you love the Antiques Roadshow and Cash in the Attic, and are fond of the occasional gin and tonic ... look no further – Great Brampton House ticks all the boxes.

Nestling deep in the Herefordshire countryside, this elegant house is surrounded by well kept gardens and the surprises start as soon as you go through the gates. Two large stone gorillas keep watch from the gateposts, a flock of model sheep complete with sheepdog, are scattered around. A tree trunk is decorated with china plates; an oil painting is tucked under a tree. And of course there is a flying saucer on the lawn, big enough to just go inside and discover a miniature, made to measure, 1950’s kitchen. You soon begin to realise this is no ordinary hotel.

Inside the surprises continue as you discover elegant rooms filled with antiques, memorabilia and curiosities.  Fitting surroundings for the owner, Martin Miller, who is famed for Millers Antiques Price Guide.

Great Brampton HouseMartin also created Martin Miller’s Gin and this is generously offered to all guests to enjoy. If you have a sweet tooth you will appreciate the overflowing dishes of chocolates that are scattered throughout the house, there is no escaping, they just beg to be eaten.

Guest rooms range from opulent suites with four-poster beds to comfortable double rooms all with unusual artwork and historic artefacts alongside state of the art bathrooms.

After dinner you can chose to relax on a plush sofa in the home cinema and enjoy one of many DVD’s on offer, play a game of billiards or table tennis or just sit by the fire and make new friends.

Accommodation is offered on an exclusive hire basis so if you are looking for somewhere to celebrate a family anniversary, special birthday or just an excuse for a party, then Great Brampton house will give you an unforgettable experience.

One thing is guaranteed – you wont forget your stay at Great Brampton House!

Great Brampton House
Madley, Hereford
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36 people found this feature helpful

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  • ESW
    about 6 years ago
    What a fun place to stay at.
  • Happy-Feet
    about 6 years ago
    Sounds wonderful. We love these old historic houses - another one to add to the list.