Birdwatching in India - Top Five Destinations for Photography

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India is an absolute delight for birdwatchers. There are many amazing destinations for birding in this large peninsula. Whether you wish to see wildlife or to watch birds, India is undeniably a treasure trove. It is the preferred home for a large number of amazing local as well as migratory birds. For this reason, a great number of wildlife aficionados and ornithologists visit the countless bird watching destinations in India.

These wonderful places are perfect for developing photography skills as well. There is little doubt that  the peaceful havens for birds are where the joys of nature can be enjoyed whilst taking fabulous pictures of exotic species. For budding photographers, these birding destinations are a good opportunity to develop knowledge of camerawork; and for the experts, these areas are ideal to display their creativity in capturing exclusive and remarkable images.

Here is a list of the best five birding destinations for taking photographs and really improving photography skills.

Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary, Rajasthan
Painted StorkBharatpur Sanctuary is the home to some of the rarest avian species in India. Set in the beautiful backdrop of Rajasthan, this bird sanctuary has the honour of being listed among the World Heritage Sites. It covers an immense area and there are more than 350 species of birds found here. One third of these species are of migratory birds. Some of the major avian species found here are Pelicans, Siberian Crane, Pipits, Larks, Eagles, Shanks, Geese, Wagtails, Hawks, Stints, Warblers, Wheatears, Buntings and Flycatchers. This wide assortment of bird species makes Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary a preferred stop for wildlife enthusiasts, nature lovers and photographers. 

Loten's SunbirdKumarakom Wildlife Sanctuary, Kerala
Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary, in the middle of an expanse of 14 acres around Vembanad Lake, is an out-and-out haven of several avifaunal species. This striking sanctuary is positioned in the Kottayam region of Kerala. The finest way to enjoy bird watching in this reserve is by taking a Kerala houseboat, also known as Kettuvalams. Several famous birds found in this sanctuary are the Wood Beetle, Siberian Stork, Flycatcher, Kingfisher, Cuckoo and Egret.

Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary, Kerala
Periyar is a spell binding sanctuary located in the beautiful South Indian state- Kerala. This sanctuary is also called Thekkady Wildlife Sanctuary. Periyar is regarded as a centre for seeing the magical views of the Western Ghats, as well as a huge number of local hill species and migrant birds. There are thought to be more than 320 different birds reckoned Periyar. This wide array comprises Darters, Cormorants, Kingfishers, the racket-tailed Drongos and the great Malabar hornbill.

Bandhavgarh National Park, Madhya Pradesh
Asian Brown FlycatcherAs well as the well-known tiger tours, Bandhavgarh National Park is excellent for awesome bird watching as well. Situated in the foothills of fascinating Vindhya Hills, Bandhavgarh National Park offers vast choice of birding opportunities. The combination of dense tropical forests, wetland, scrub and fields at this park is the reason the birds choose to make this setting their favoured haunt. Thus, Bandhavgarh National Park can be counted among the best places to undertake photography of birdlife. The eye-catching panorama and a great range of avian species provide matchless settings to view birds in this National park . The array of bird species found here includes the Indian Pond Heron, Great Cormorant, Indian Roller, Lessar Adjutant Stork, Red Wattled Lapwing, Asian Paradise Flycatcher, Crested Serpent Eagle and many more.

Indian RollerPanna National Park, Madhya Pradesh
Panna is located at 46 kilometers from Khajuraho. In Panna, more than 300 avian species have been sighted, of which about 65 are aquatic birds. The avian species found in Panna are the Bareheaded Goose, White Necked Stork, Honey Buzzard, Blossom Headed Parakeet, King vulture, Slaty Headed Scimitar Babbler, Paradise Flycatcher, and many more. The echo of the songs and calls of these wonderful creatures adds to the unique atmosphere of the Panna.

All the above bird sanctuaries are frequented by Indian as well as international bird lovers and photographers. Taking pictures of bird by camera is greatly rewarding and bird sanctuaries are no doubt the perfect place for it!

About the author
Anshul Srivastava is a wildlife enthusiast, who loves to wander around different wildlife destinations in India. At the same time, he has a love of writing and thus, he notes down and shares his experience with the world.

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