Winter Holiday Tips for Mature Travellers


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Winter holiday tipsPerhaps you’re off on a winter holiday or cruise to Scandinavia or Europe, here are some tips that may make your holiday more comfortable and safe. Even if you’re out and about driving to family and friends in the UK, it’s always worth taking some extra care.

On the plane, wear your sturdiest winter shoes/boots, so that if your luggage gets lost you do at least have some suitable footwear when you arrive. Also put on several layers for travelling, with a hat and gloves in your hand luggage, then you’ll be warm once you leave the airport.

If you’re driving in snowy or icy conditions, do ensure you’ve got winter tyres on the car or snow chains. And ensure you’re confident the roads are passable, at least before you set off. Take a shovel in the boot, as well as winter clothing, water and a blanket or two. Also handy are an ice scraper, a tow rope and jump leads, sand or cat litter to aid with traction, matches and emergency candles, a first aid kit and any medication you need. Wherever possible, park in a covered area or in a garage, it will make setting off on your journey much easier!

Although it may seem surprising, with bright sun, even in the winter, you do need sunscreen, especially on your face and nose. Lips really benefit from Vaseline or a lip salve. If it’s windy, you’ll need to moisturise your skin daily to prevent it from drying out and itching.

Layers really are the way to go, lots of thinner clothes trap layers of air between them which keep you very warm. Thermal clothing is good too. Make sure the outer layer is totally waterproof in case you experience sleet or snow. Remember most heat is lost from your head, so a hat is essential with proper covering for your ears, which can really suffer otherwise.

Again, surprisingly, sunglasses can be vital, snow reflection can really increase the level of brightness.
If you do venture off for a walk alone in the snow, just let someone know when you expect to return, so that if you take a tumble on ice, you will be missed.
Remember to leave the heating on at home, it just needs to be on once a day, quite low, to prevent the pipes freezing up. Do try to insulate before leaving the building and consider how to minimise openings to the outside, like fireplaces, cat flaps and kitchen ventilators, which should be closed.

Keep hydrated, although it seems counter-intuitive, it is easy to dry out in the cold, you need to drink plenty of water. Be aware of your fluid intake.

35 people found this feature helpful

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  • bee82
    almost 8 years ago
    Take a spare pair of gloves, preferably duplicates of your first pair of gloves. That way, if you lose one, you can quickly replace and carry on.

    A flask of hot tea does wonders on a long cold walk.