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Date published: 12 Oct 20

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AccessAble is here to take the chance out of going out. To give disabled people, carers, older people, and those who just want to know a bit more about accessibility the information to decide if a place will work for them.

To end all the phone calls, the googling, the stress, the frustration – to get the answers to all those accessibility questions.

Visited in person

AccesAble surveyorOur team of trained surveyors visit everywhere in person, from hotels to stadiums, high street shops to hospitals, universities to open spaces and everything in between they collect 100s of pieces of information because we know that information about

  • door widths
  • hearing loops
  • accessible toilets
  • facilities for assistance dogs
  • parking spaces
  • background music

Can make all the difference to someone's experience. It can be the difference between a great day out or a ruined trip.

We check every accessible toilet, measure every door, take 100s of photos every day because accessibility information is not a 'nice to have'.

It's essential.

Information you can trust

Once collected, the information is thoroughly checked before being published on our website and App, which everyone can use for free.

We check it because you’ve told us to

Download the AccessAble mobile appAnd how do we decide what information we collect and what our priorities should be?

We ask.

We attend 100s of events a year to get feedback from disabled people and carers on what we can do better and what we can do next.

So, check out our website and download our app from the App Store or Google Play Store

Join us on our journey to take the chance out of going out.

Let’s #KnowMoreGoMore

AccessAble’s travel tips

Culture, colours, mouth-watering local cuisine, a guilt-free opportunity to shop and take shameless selfies… there’s plenty of reason why we travel.  But, for people with accessibility needs, a fair bit of planning often needs to take place before we can indulge in our new traveller experiences; it’s not always easy to jump on a plane, cart baggage to numerous hotels or go to a popular tourist destination on the fly, secretly praying that there’s an abundance of accessible facilities on offer. 

If you’re looking to plan your next adventure, check out our travel tips below, and get some inspiration for some accessible destinations here in the UK along the way – remember, there’s plenty of Access Guides available on the AccessAble website and app!

Do your research

Lucy#KnowMoreGoMoreAs much as most of us would love to, taking an impulsive trip to an unfamiliar place is difficult if you have additional requirements.  Wheelchair access, hearing loops, large print menus and lowered booking desks are yet to be guaranteed anywhere in this country or abroad, and no-one wants a ruined trip due to a lack of access. 

Use the AccessAble website and App to check accessibility information on everything from walking distances and accessible toilets, to parking and hearing loops at over 70,000 places across the UK.

Arrange assistance in advance

If you’re travelling by coach, plane or train and you need assistance to access your chosen transport method, be sure to contact the operator at least 48 hours in advance of your trip to let them know about your needs and how they can help you.

Ensure you’re insured

Protect yourself against hefty cancellation charges, expensive equipment repairs and unexpected medical bills by taking out travel insurance. Be sure to declare all pre-existing medical conditions and make sure you have cover for any mobility equipment that you’re travelling with. Specialist insurers dedicated to covering pre-existing conditions can offer competitive quotes, and some insurance comparison sites now offer the ability to search for inclusive insurers.

Protect your equipment

If you’re using a wheelchair, power chair, mobility scooter or other equipment to travel, carry out any repairs needed before you go so that it’s in the best condition possible, If you’ll be separated from your equipment during transit, do everything you can to minimise any potential damage. This might include keeping any removable parts with you, such as wheelchair cushions, and labelling your equipment with clear instructions on how it should be handled.

Know your preferences

No matter what you’re after; from a boutique hotel, glamping, or trusted chain to a kooky café with art-plastered walls or suiting up for a steak house serenade; knowing what you like when it comes to travel can make the planning process much faster (and more enjoyable!)

There’s nothing quite like treating a friend, family member or significant other to an inclusive evening based on your tastes!

Don’t be afraid

What’s our number one travel tip to disabled and older adventurers?

Don’t let the need for access and inclusivity scare you into not spreading your wings and going on a journey – wherever that may be. 

If you have a glowing review of a restaurant, events venue, hotel, transport hub or shopping centre, please do let the AccessAble team know via our website or social media – it helps us to expand the number of venues we cover.

There are so many great places to visit and amazing days out to be had.  Slowly but surely, access and inclusion are improving to ensure that everyone can be a traveller for a day, week, month or year, and that they can savour the culture, colours, cuisine and create photographic memories to their hearts desire.

We wish you the very best of luck on your travel journey, and hope these tips help you to make the most of it!

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