Travel Packing Tips for the Mature Traveller


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Travel packing tips

At Silver Travel Advisor, we have taken a tongue-in-cheek look at travel packing tips for mature travellers. It’s a bit of fun, but as something of a silver tripadvisor we like to make the point that today’s Silver Travellers are going further and being more adventurous in their trips and holidays than any previous generation.

In fact, today’s mature traveller is far more likely to pack a Rough Guide and a pack of malaria pills than the stereotypical comfortable shoes and cardigans that they were once associated with.

Our definitive packing guide

  • Major incident Response Multilingual PhrasebookFlight compression socks – great for wrapping around bottles of duty free in the luggage
  • Haemorrhoid cream – to conceal late night bags from under the eyes
  • A passport – in case you’re ID checked in the local clubs
  • A compass – to find your way home again
  • A local phrase book – wedge a few pages under wobbly bar tables to avoid spilt drinks
  • Wet wipes – great for cleaning red wine stains off the hotel bedroom carpet
  • Slippers – if you look eccentric you can make all kinds of unreasonable demands
  • Reading glasses – to replace the ones you lost on your head
  • Walking stick – ideal for jumping airport queues or attracting the bar staff’s attention
  • Sunglasses – even the over fifties need to sleep sometimes

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36 people found this feature helpful

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Other Members' Thoughts - 3 Comment(s)

  • lionpops
    over 5 years ago
    add ear plugs, sleep mask to that list and I travel with a homeopathic travel kit.
  • Margarita
    almost 6 years ago
    Not sure if any comments of a more serious nature are sought here? (Yes I did grin at some already listed but not everyone is a 'boozer type' on holiday!)
    So.......If you need to pack a lot of garments into a small suitcase space, try rolling them up as tightly as possible so all the air is out of the garment. It is surprising how many of these solid tubes of clothes you can fit side by side. In fact it often makes the case overweight before it is anywhere near full because of such space -saving. This may leave room for bulkier light-weight things like a favourite pillow or packets of Quavers????
  • chrismse
    over 6 years ago
    Good guide, ha ha x How about a hearing aid, so you can pretend you are deaf when the complaints about the noise come in.