Top Tips for Travelling with Grandchildren

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Tips for travelling with grandchildrenSome light hearted ideas to ease and aid a holiday with grandchildren! Precious moments together to be shared with Opal Fruits, TLC and teeth brushed.

Our scenario is that you’ve volunteered to take (been landed with) a brace of your offspring’s offspring away for a week!

Training - have a few practice runs, a couple of days out, a weekend away. Learn to pace yourself, teach the young ones a few of your quirky needs, coffee at 11am, lunch at 1pm and gin at 6pm. And absolute silence before 7.30am, colour in wallpaper, eat crisps but make no noise.

Treats - are earned, though make it easy to get them. A bag of Maltesers can work wonders. As can the right book or DVD, no, not Grandpa’s ‘Best of British Marching Bands’. We were allowed two bob for the amusements and a bag of chips!

Tricks - you must have at least one, I can turn cartwheels and pirouettes pretty well, it stops tantrums. My own grandpa had a line in easy magic tricks that sorted every problem in an instant.

Time - every outing will take longer (at least twice as long) and you will have tons of extra clobber to take, coats, teddies, favourite blankets, your gin. Invest in a jazzy shopper on wheels and load it all in. Handy for the picnic too.
Tears - try not to cry in front of the kids. You may be at your wits end but don’t let it show! If they cry, have a large red spotted handkerchief ready, it will stun them into amazement. An Opal Fruit works well, you can’t cry and chew at the same time.

Tired - you will be!  So arrange sit-downs every so often, for ice creams or a photo. Fresh air is exhausting, so early bed for everyone on alternate nights. That way you can avoid the kids’ disco at least three times. 
Tickle and tease - very gently at least once a day. Creates great bonding. Be prepared for the grandchildren to get you back.

Teeth - put them in before you get up! Terrified by a toothless Gran is not the way to start the day. And brush theirs, morning and evening otherwise you’ll be in trouble when you take them home. Miss this and you will be found out, I promise.

Teens & telephones - never at mealtimes, and preferably not at all. Suggest a couple of ‘phone hours during the day and try to leave them (phones, not the teens) behind if you’re going out all together. 

Taking them home - the worst bit and the best! You’ll miss the little blighters, find odd things in your suitcase and panic about exactly what photos are being put on Facebook!!

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