Long Stay Winter Holidays - Cyprus, Portugal, Malta

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Date published: 07 Oct 15

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Each year, come October, we start thinking about the upcoming chilly months and wonder just where would be a good place to spend the winter.  So here we share a few thoughts with, and of course we’d be delighted to have your thoughts too!

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CyprusCyprus with Saga Holidays

This is a wonderful island that welcomes visitors all year round and given its position in the Eastern Mediterranean, the temperatures are very comfortable in the winter.  Indeed at New Year, there have been Brits (of a hardy constitution) spotted on the beach!  There is a wide range of accommodation, at a variety of prices, reasonably-priced restaurants, good supermarkets, English spoken in most places and wonderfully, driving is on the left, so if you fancy hiring a car to explore, you’ll feel at home!  Here’s a brief guide on things to do and attractions on the island.

Paphos is a busy resort with pretty much everything you need and it’s fun for a wander too.  The pretty Troodos Mountains have a sprinkling of snow in the winter and are worth a day out.  They are home to a few beautiful monasteries, with unique churches and icons.  Down in the coastal resorts, it stays warm and the hotels provide great entertainment all year round.

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Zmar Eco Campo, PortugalPortugal with Zmar Eco Campo

If beaches and nature, pretty much untouched, are your thing, then look no further.  The Alentejo, situated below Lisbon and above the Algarve, has a truly breath-taking coastline, is home to some magnificent, historic cities and is gloriously rural further inland.  It is one of the hottest places in Europe, with mild winters and an average annual temperature of 25C in some locations.  

Zmar Eco Campo is open year round, offering environmentally friendly chalets and villas, set on a friendly, natural site, with leisure facilities for all ages, including a vast swimming pool, a spa and a restaurant.  It’s a great place for active visitors and you could happily stay here for a month or two at a reasonable price.  Debbie visited and here's her review.

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MaltaMalta with Malta Direct Travel

These islands are a real favourite with long-stay holidaymakers.  Malta itself is an island famed for its connections with Great Britain, with English being an official language here, which makes for easy conversation!  To say there is a wealth of history and culture is an understatement, you can be transported back centuries within the buildings and churches.  Glorious walks and gardens abound, and the coastline is stunning.

The small island of Gozo is a total delight, with astonishing scenery and a lovely main town, Rabat.  The pace of life is relaxed with a real sense of contentment across the island.  Food here is very important: fresh, delicious and enjoyed over leisurely, lengthy meals.  

Hotels and apartments are available year round, with sunshine over 300 days a year and a real welcome for British visitors.

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Other Members' Thoughts - 5 Comment(s)

  • Debbie
    8 months ago
    @JG.Brighouse - I haven't been back since but would recommend one week rather than 2 weeks there - it is a lovely place but I would not call it a luxury spa. More info here https://www.zmar.eu/en/
  • JennieSilver
    8 months ago
  • JennieSilver
    8 months ago
  • JG.Brighouse
    8 months ago
    Wonder have much things have altered from three years ago! Zamr Eco Campo sounds lovely but do wonder if there would be enough to do for longer than a couple of weeks. I have heard there are spa breaks in Portugal and wonder if it's possible to visit one from there. I anyone has tried health holidays from this place it would be interesting to hear from them.
  • Geoff
    about 4 years ago
    Good to read these ideas on such a damp dull day in the South East. Brrr & grrr.
    They all sound amazing, Gozo is wonderful as is Portugal at any time, however Cyprus really hits the spot for me. Is it the food? Or the sunshine, however thin it is, or maybe the clean air? Would happily spend a month or two there!