Unico Care - Costa Blanca - Chapter 3: Food. Tempting Tapas


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Food at Villajoyosa Resort
Dining room - Villajoyosa ResortSince I have become disabled I have noticed how much more interest I have in food. This is really not a good thing! Before I became more immobile I was able to eat like a horse, and frequently did, tending to concentrate on patronising high quality restaurants, and I was able to burn off the calories through many sporting activities which I enjoyed, for example, aerobics, step aerobics, weight training, horse-riding, playing polo, squash, badminton, ski-ing and suchlike. I retain my appetite for delicious, high quality food but now I am rather more cuddly!

The food at the resort was supremely excellent and totally exceeded our expectations. Balanced, three course meals were attractively presented and care was taken to make them appealing, which is important for those people with reduced appetites and who need encouragement to maintain an adequate nutritional intake. We were given a list of the choices on the menus for lunch and dinner for our stay and the waitress would take our order for the following day’s meals. Breakfast after its arrival in our suite - Villajoyosa ResortThe choices included traditional Spanish dishes, such as paella, as well as more international cuisine.

If you are prepared to try the dishes on offer I am convinced that you will find mealtimes a delight but there are two fall-back positions. If you opt to stay in a suite with its kitchen, you are free to prepare your own meals of your choosing. We found an excellent supermarket near the resort called the Super COR expres and this is open from 09.00am to midnight. A typical meal - Villajoyosa ResortThis sells good quality ingredients from which one can make meals from scratch as well as ‘ready meals’ or other convenience foodstuffs. In addition, there is a colourful street market held every Saturday, right outside the front door of the resort, with plenty of local farmers’ produce on sale. The presence of this market, including the risk of any pungent and lingering aromas, is carefully removed with the street being washed and thoroughly cleaned afterwards. The other fall-back position is to make use of the restaurants located in and around Finestrat Bay, most of which are reasonably or completely accessible, or to go further afield.

Alcohol to accompany one’s meals is freely available. Soft drinks are also available – just ask for your choice to be provided.

Constellation - Villajoyosa ResortEntertainment
The resort often arranges afternoon / evening entertainment and, whilst we were there, a brother (keyboard) and sister (vocals) duo called ‘Constellation’ came in to provide some entertainment at the weekend. Some of the other folks staying there got up on the impromptu dance floor and many joined in clapping and singing along. My disability does not permit me to dance any longer, something I used to love to do, so I had a little mini-wobble over that but I was happy enough to sing and clap along and enjoy watching others have a good time.

Profiterols for pud - Villajoyosa ResortOthers’ experiences
Whilst at the resort I got chatting to a couple of people who have been staying there several months following both of their health deteriorating. They reported to me that they are enjoying their stay. The lady I spoke with uses the physiotherapy gym on a daily basis and reported that the service is good and responsive to her needs. Both like the food and consider the staff to be excellent.

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74 people found this feature helpful

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