Unico Care - Valencia - Chapter 3: Food

Date published: 04 Mar 15

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Food in the Valencia Resort

Dining in the resort restaurantOnce again, the food at this resort was of very high quality. Balanced and calorie counted, three course meals were attractively presented with a choice of two dishes per course and more options for pudding. The choices included traditional Valencian dishes, such as Escalibada, as well as more international cuisine. Immediately the staff realised my health had gone south, they produced light, tempting fish for me for dinner to encourage me to eat (I don’t think they realised that I need little temptation to perform this particular activity!).

Red or white wine to accompany one’s meals is freely available at this resort as well and the staff easily accommodated my request for some diet Coke.

In the event that the delicious food is not to your liking then you can use the facilities in your room to prepare a simple snack or microwave some convenience food. However, whilst this resort is nearer to the beach than the other one, there is not a good quality supermarket within easy reach of the resort as there is in Villajoyosa. A taxi ride will be required or else one can use the bus service that stops nearby along the road.

Duo ScherzoEntertainment

The resort often arranges afternoon / evening entertainment and, whilst we were there, they held a film evening, showing ‘Larry Crowne’, and a ‘Fiesta de la Musica’ was also held. We attended the latter and enjoyed the range of classical and more modern music performed by a male violinist and female keyboard player called ‘Duo Scherzo’. Saint-Saens, Mascagni, Puccini, Lehar, Tchaikovsky, Delibes, Verdi, Monti, Glenn Miller, Marchetti, J. Kander, and Strauss were amongst the many composers covered. In addition, there were many Spanish Pasodobles played which had the audience singing, clapping and dancing. Mid-way through the evening there was a break and some traditional Spanish Fritas de Moratellla sweetened with honey and some Mistela Moscatel produced locally in Valencia was served as refreshment. It was delightful.

Others’ experiences

Whilst at the resort I got chatting to a lady who has moved to Spain from the UK to be nearer her closest relative. She reported to me that she enjoys staying at Playa Patacona and she likes the staff and considers them to be “very good”.

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