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At Silver Travel Advisor, we were so impressed by Jeni Ward and her “can do” attitude to taking cruises with her mobility scooter, that we asked her to write an article for us about her travels.

I was widowed ten years ago. Prior to that my late husband and I owned a 29ft yacht that we sailed over to France and back every year!

When he died, I missed the sea and as I was becoming more disabled I got more and more depressed.

My next door neighbour persuaded me to try a cruise! I was hooked! No more having to scrub the decks, stand outside in all weathers helming or pulling on pieces of string! Now! Luxury meals, service and no cleaning! I became more immobile and purchased a mobility scooter!

I have sailed on Princess Lines and Cunard. I have found everyone is very helpful. It's great. Cunard, and I think probably most cruise lines, insist that you have a disability accessible cabin if you use a scooter, but they are incredible value! You get practically twice the space for the same price. Also you get a wet room rather than a bathroom.

My scooter is a model called a 'luggie'. It is an extremely light weight, narrow, fold up type of scooter. Without the battery it weighs 23kg the battery is lithium and weighs 1k.

I have taken my "luggie" to Jerusalem up to the church of the Holy Sepulchre. To the new museum below the Acropolis in Athens, around Barcelona and this year I am going to the Norwegian fjords Iceland and the Faroes in June, followed by the Black Sea in September. This one is a fly cruise and I find BA very helpful!

I cannot fault either Cunard or Princess with their help and accommodation.

Please, do not worry about cruising either solo or disabled or both. It's not that difficult and in fact, very enjoyable!

By Jeni Ward

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Other Members' Thoughts - 2 Comment(s)

  • RobBar
    over 7 years ago
    What a very inspirational post you have written as to your loss of your husband but to your attitude to get on with life to its fullest and the use of your scooter.
    You are so right in how we let things drag us down but we can move out of it.
    Cheers / Rob
  • chrismse
    almost 8 years ago
    Jeni you are very inspiration and cruising sounds lovely I would love to try solo cruising.