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Enjoy a holiday filled with Flavours

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The concept of a holiday has changed dramatically since mass tourism began. People now have different ideas about what they want from their holiday experience. Many holiday companies understand this niche market and have developed holidays which cater for all kinds of interests. Flavours Holidays emerged from a passion for Italy and Italian food, and over time, other activities, painting and Pilates, have been added to their holiday choices.

Founder, Lorne Blyth was convinced there was a market for high quality, special interest holidays which would cater for those interested in Italian food, painting and Pilates. Lorne was also keen to harness the growing number of single travellers who wanted the opportunity to travel without being penalised by single supplements.

Lorne says, ‘We all need the opportunity to do something different and come home with stories to share. Personally, I love Italy and the idea of offering holidays where people could learn to create authentic flavours in a beautiful Italian kitchen, against the backdrop of stunning scenery seemed to me to be a wonderful thing to experience. The opportunity to work with local cooks, shop in authentic markets, visit Artisan producers, who put their heart and soul into their products, seemed to provide the ultimate holiday experience.’

She goes on to say: ‘Many of us get to a point in life where we want to strike out and explore new or lifelong interests and Flavours Holidays offers just such an opportunity. After all, it can be daunting the first time you travel alone.  However,  what so many of our clients tell us is that the conviviality and new friendships made, are an integral part of the whole experience. The whole concept of ‘singles holidays’ has become much more sophisticated and it is now much more about an opportunity to travel alone within a group setting rather than being ‘single’!

Painting holidays in Italy with FlavoursSo many guests are revived and infused by the smells, tastes, inspirational scenery combined with the chance to learn from experts, that they wish they had taken the plunge years before. ‘We have plenty of guests who want the opportunity to devote a week to something without the distractions of everyday life.’ Lorne says, ‘After all, real progress can be made when you devote a full seven days to improving  painting skills, learning to make authentic Italian dishes or stretching out bodies under the expert tutelage of a qualified Pilates instructor.  People also say the great thing is that you have a choice of venue too. We are immensely proud of our villas in Umbria, Puglia, Sicily and Tuscany. Certainly we receive lots of compliments about the levels of hospitality, the vistas and of course the swimming pool, which no holiday should be without, especially after a morning immersed in exercise, cooking or painting!’

If you want to explore the beating heart of Italian culture then pour a glass of Italian wine and settle down to a visual feast and see just what draws so many people to Flavours Holidays at

Cooking holidays in Italy

Villa in Umbria

Villa in Sicily

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