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Conservation and Volunteering in Africa

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Imagine the challenges and excitement you will feel volunteering, HELP will certainly give you a remarkable experience in the wild Namibian desert.

You will see the stars overhead at night with greater clarity than you ever imagined possible while living in a city.  You will feel the wild hot wind racing across the desert during the day. You will hear the grunt of a lioness as she communicates to her cubs.

Have you ever dreamed of making a difference in the world by volunteering your time?  Do you believe preserving wildlife is crucial to our planet?

There is an extreme need for people ready to volunteer in Africa to help preserve the magnificent lions and elephants of the desert.

The HELP conservation programme is a true opportunity to become involved in another way of life and make a huge difference.  Working with AFRICAT North, close to the Etosha National Park, volunteers work side by side with experienced game wardens and conservationists, monitoring the lions.  There is every chance you’ll be on hand when a lion is darted and fitted with a collar in order to follow their movements.  There can be no greater thrill than experiencing such glorious animals close up and really understanding the habitat they live in.

In the Kuene and Northern Erongo regions desert elephants are under threat too, there are less than 1,000 in existence.  The volunteers here will help monitor animal migrations and gain in depth knowledge of how elephants live and why they can be seen as a huge problem to local communities.

Faan Oosthuizen has recently set up the Human, Elephant and Lion Project (HELP) in Namibia using his many years of experience in the desert, farming, trekking and working with animals.  He is, in my opinion, one of those rare men totally at ease in his environment, doing the best job a conservationist can do.  Faan’s team are all experts, from drivers and kitchen staff through to medics.  When you volunteer with HELP you will not only truly experience Africa for real (the silence, the stars, the awesome space, the animals and yes, even rain), you will have the unique opportunity to engage with local people, working to practically improve their environment and also to share the knowledge you will gain of animals.       
Namibia is a vast country, full of contrasts.  Whatever your expectations they will be surpassed.  Starting each morning with a grey dawn, watching the sunrise and enjoying a cooked breakfast in true African surroundings.  Nothing beats the smell of wood smoke, whilst you’re lying in a tent wondering what the day will bring – a lion, groups of school children or helping to erect vital protective fences.  The two weeks will fly by, and I expect you, like me, will be determined to return as soon as you can.

For more information go to  or contact Faan directly  It really will be the trip of a lifetime.

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Volunteering in Africa - base camp kitchen

Desert elephants conservation projects

Faan Oosthuizen, helping volunteers

Water tank


Bush camp

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  1 Comment(s)      Post a Comment

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