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P&O Dover-Calais: HMS Bedlam or the Ship from Hell

Indeed I have Fossil one – in great detail .. no response as yet. That said, everyone I’ve spoken to about this has just said "Well..P&O Calais-Dover – what do you expect ?!!" i.e they’ve all had similar experiences…or worse.

Perhaps I’ve been lucky to date on previous voyages

Wakefield, West Yorks.

Sounds as if you had an horrendous crossing. Have you complained to P&O Ferries?


P&O now boast two new additions to its flotilla: "The Spirit of Britain " and "The Spirit of France". Bigger, better, wider, more capacious, more bars, more shops, more restaurants, more vehicles, more decks than ever before…

It was the former that brought me back to this Sceptred Isle the other day and can only be described as a voyage through Dante’s Inferno. Not that the sea was choppy …quite the opposite in fact…rather the sheer intake of passengers lends itself to something akin to a cross between a football match atmosphere, Harrod’s opening sale day, and a bar room brawl as drunken Chelsea supporters took great delight in hurling stools for each other to sit on over the heads of panic stricken pensioners holding on to the ship’s rails for dear life.

Meanwhile, the unbridled cacophony of young overseas students ( summer school season has begun) of every nationality bawled, shreiked, skateboarded, sang, screamed, blocked doorways, blocked corridors, bellowed, played tig , played hide and seek, played Germany versus France versus Italy versus Chelsea, got naughty, fought each other, fought other groups, practiced inter nationality racism, while the Chelsea boys got drunker and drunker and more intimidating in their self imposed fastrack duty free happy hour in some delightful sense of anarchic chaos. Wahahey…

…there came a point that on each and every deck the noise level was so loud the ship’s tannoy announcements could simply not even be heard. Amidst all this, P&O staff members were nowhere to be seen…I’ve seen more effective crowd control on the "Titanic" film.

How the milling throng actually rejoined its vehicles down the now much longer staircases without some major crush catastrophe occurring I have no idea. The stampede would put the average Bison to shame.

I do have some dim memory from yesteryear that this simple crossing of the channel puddle in the days of good old duty free, deckside strolls (only about 10% of the deck is accessible now) and real Merchant Navy menus ( not £3.50 for an individual steak and kidney pie or £5 for a sandwich) was a pleasant even vaguely exciting experience…today it is a cross between getting on ten school buses at once at hometime and taking your chances on the backstreets of Hellmand Province.

Wakefield, West Yorks.
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