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leading on from ESW’s thread on German humour I must say there are two German products I have of late found very interesting;

Firstly the film "Downfall" which came out in 2005 charting the final days in Hitler’s bunker presents for me a heartfelt portrait of the chaos, suffering, madness and defiance of the Third Reich’s last stand. Directed in Germany with an all-German cast this English subtitled film, paints a grim and lurid picture of the final days, presented as near as possible, as an objective documentary as to what went on down there amongst Hitler and his high command.

Then in direct contradiction to this comes a book published this year with the title…wait for it…

"Grey Wolf" : The Case Presented for the Escape of Adolph Hitler.

Yes I know. Even I thought twice before buying it. However, as conspiracy books go, I was more than a little swayed. Rather than stitching together sensationalist claptrap a la Da Vinci Code, the first part of the book deals very soberly, quite boringly even, with chapter upon chapter of what happened to all the plundered loot to which the Nazis helped themselves from its conquered countries. Far from reaching much needed Nazi Party funds and the German War Machine it was spirited off by Martin Boorman to Switzerland and subsequently Argentina unbeknownst to other high ranking officials such as Goering & Goebbels.

With an escape route planned as early as 1943 when Germany knew the tide was turning, plans were made for those in the know to seek refuge in Eva Peron’s Fascist Argentina in return for Nazi gold. Plans which the book suggests succeeded with Adolph & Eva escaping by plane to Denmark, their known "doubles" playing their roles to the bitter end including bunker ‘suicide’ ) then by U-Boat on to Argentina where the Fuhrer subsequently dies from a stroke as late as 1962.

Some South American post war witness sightings would appear to perhaps confirm this, yet the book alas offers no photographic evidence as such. However there are transcripts of memos from Edgar’s Hoover’s office which seem to confirm CIA knowledge of this.

Trashed by the "Daily Mail" as being 2000% nonsense (…irony ) ? I would still suggest this book is worth reading for the awkward facts it does present which seem to leave a gap between post war media presentation of events and the possible reality.

It certainly left me in the 50-50 camp, what I would like to see though is perhaps a follow up ( perhaps already in the Publisher’s sequel machine) with a little more substantive evidence in it as opposed to mere circumstantial evidence.

Whatever your take on all this, the book is worth reading as an interesting travelogue if nothing else charting complex travel routes of both Dictator and loot.

Wakefield, West Yorks.
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