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Hi All
I have found Skyscanner.com to be a good starting place to find flights. They will also tell you when flights are cheaper ie which days.

I don’t waste my time phoning any company that doesn’t have an online booking facility anymore. As said above, the flight price is NEVER the same and time and money wasted on phone call.

I love flying and think they are relatively safer than other modes of transport. Cruise ships have got too large these days. Awful! Thanks for the response

Hello funafrican. I do like flying, the only bit I don’t like is landing, when each and every time with the vibrations and shaking of the plane I’m convinced I’m gonna die !!!

You’d’ve thought modern techno would’ve sorted that out by now. I still prefer ships & coaches really…unless I get sitting next to the nutter. Which is most times.

Wakefield, West Yorks.

Welcome to the forum funafrican.

The older I get the more I realise that nothing is truly cheap. If an offer sounds too good to be true then it probably is. Maybe I’m boring but you get what you pay for.

Factor in the cost of a phone call and all the other hidden extras not quoted in the price and they aren’t such a good deal.

Not flights admittedly but I have read stories of people booking and paying for cheap accommodation from an internet company only to find that they don’t have a booking when they arrive.


You are not alone! Actually we had a Forum discussion here on this a few weeks ago and there was general agreement that these sites are ‘conning us’ – the cheap flights they advertise are almost never there when you try to book them. And when you phone to ask why, they blame the airline for changing the availability.
Actually, by spending time searching and searching several different sites and then being ready to book instantly I did find flights to New York with Opodo which were very low cost compared with others – but still NOT as cheap as they were originally advertising.

Is it just me, or are other travellers fed up with all these companies that offer so-called "cheap flights" When you go onto their website they quote you a ridiculously cheap price for the flight, BUT you have to call them, or go to online chat.

I have NEVER in all the years I’ve been flying been able to get a flight at the price listed on their site. They just don’t exist!!

Now, if a company says PHONE ONLY, I avoid them like the plague. If I can’t go straight through and book online then I know that the price is going to be significantly higher than the one quoted on their site.

So people!!! STOP wasting our time. We are NOT going to buy flights from you!! Further, trading standards should look into this.

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