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Going to the dentist is a bit different nowadays

I’m a wimp and it definitely an anesthetic for me…. Actually I hardly felt the needle go in his morning. The main problem with a numb jaw and tongue is that you slobber afterwards.


My dentist has treated our family for years, has a great manner & a very soothing & yt cheerful voice. We have been lucky to have been under his, largely pain free care, for many years. We normally have a good chat when I go for a check up but he does tend to ask me questions when he’s got instruments in my mouth. As for the anesthetic, I’ve often wonderered if the suffering of a little discomfort is better than the numb mouth. I’ve tried with & without anaesthetic & not sure I know the answer even now. Depends n how I feel on the day.

Essex UK

I used to dread visits to the dentist when I was young. Those were the days before fluoride and I think I ended up with more fillings than teeth. Our dentist didn’t believe in fillings hen they were small. He’d tell us to ‘come back in 6 months’ and he’d fill the tooth then. Somehow 6 moths seemed to end up as 12 months by which time quite a substantial filling was needed. He didn’t believe in using an anaesthetic either so I ended up clutching the chair for all I was worth. The old drills seemed to take for ever as they whizzed away. Visits to the dentist were dreaded.

I’ve been for an emergency filling this morning after two huge chunks of filling fell out last night and bliss I didn’t feel a thing as he put in a pin and reconstructed the tooth.

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