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Bio security going into Chile.

New Zealand is too.


Australia is also very strict on what you can import. Most foods are a definate No No.


Chile has very strict controls over what can be taken into the country at all its points of entry – both airports and land crossings. No fresh food stuffs are allowed in and there are even restrictions on dried and packaged foods. Michael is diabetic and always carries dried raisins and muesli bars with him. We decided to play it safe and declare these. It is just as well we did. The muesli bars were OK but the raisins were confiscated. Apparently if they had been smoked and salted they would have been passed…

We were also asked about wood products. We had bought a carved wooden rabbit in Argentina and had to unpack this and show it. Fortunately it was acceptable.

Don’t try and bluff your way through as penalties for being caught with prohibited items are high.

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