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Greenland and hunting

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Unlike its name suggests, Greenland is far from green. Most of it is covered with a thick ice cap. Elsewhere the land is ice scraped bare rock. There is very little vegetation and no farming, apart from a small area in southern Greenland where there is some sheep farming and a few crops may be grown. All food produce is shipped in by sea from Denmark and is expensive. There are huge storage depots in the towns to hold supplies for the winter months when the sea is frozen.

The traditional diet of the Native Greenlander was and still is fish, seal or whale.
It is essential to leave your prejudices at home when visiting Greenland.

It is important to understand the way of life and the culture. Hunting seal and whale was necessary to eat, keep warm and have light in winter. Mattak (the layer of blubber under the skin of seals and whales) is vital to Greenlanders’ diets. The fat has a high concentration of vitamin C, which is essential in the absence of vegetables in the diet.

Greenlanders have great respect for their quarry and only kill what they need. All parts of the animal are used and none is wasted. They regard unnecessary killing with disfavour.

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