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Families paying premium for Winter Sun

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Families planning a holiday during the Christmas break should expect to pay 39 per cent more for travelling in peak season, according to new research from Santander Credit Cards.

The findings highlighted premiums of up to 92 per cent for trips to some of the most popular winter sun holiday destinations such as Florida, Egypt and Dubai between the 24th and 31st December – during the peak of the school holidays – as opposed to three weeks earlier (3rd – 10th December) when the school term is still in full swing. This is equivalent to, on average, an extra £1,287 for a family of four.

Families seeking holidays in the UK over the same period appear to be in luck, however. Prices for seven-day breaks in places such as Brighton, London and Edinburgh cost an average of 2 per cent less, although Santander’s research highlighted discounts of up to 27 per cent.

In the run up to the Christmas school holidays, Santander Cards looked at the cost of a week-long trip for two adults and two children to four popular winter sun holiday destinations – Egypt, Mauritius, Florida and Dubai and also analysed the price of UK-stays in Norwich, London, Brighton and Edinburgh over the same period.

According to the research, families wishing to travel from Manchester to Egypt could face some of the steepest price hikes, with one popular four star resort increasing its prices during the Christmas break from £1,816 to £3,488 – equivalent to 92 per cent more in peak season.

Callum Gibson, Managing Director at Santander Cards, commented: "The cost of jetting abroad in search of winter sun during the school holidays has simply become too expensive for many families. However, for those willing to opt for a ‘staycation’, our research has found some great deals right here in the UK. .

"There are lots of great offers to be had, not just on accommodation, but also on activities. What’s more, families choosing to stay in the UK can save even more money on their travel costs by using the Santander 123 Cashback Card, which pays 3 per cent cash back on fuel."

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