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thanks jocarroll, great photo – and everlasting looks confidence-boosting – hope he lived up to that promise. tales when you’re ready – resr-time first, i’m guessing.


Thank you both.

Welcome back Jo. Looking forward to reading more about the trip.


Welcome back Jo.

Essex UK

I’m back at Heathrow, with a charged iPad – so here, @pink, is a picture of Everlasting (I’ll sort more over the next few days).

Another good read Jo, thanks.

Essex UK

Great blog Jo. I really enjoyed reading it. Looking forward to reading more,have a safe and enjoyable journey home.

North Northumberland

brilliant blog jocarroll, as ever ~ i’m looking forward to reading more of your wonderful adventure, and seeing some pics (starting with everlasting?) and that spectacular buffalo, and …
safe journey home!


Great blog @JoCarroll


A final blog, while I’ve got just enough power to post it – http://gapyearsthebook.blogspot.co.uk

I’ll be home in a couple of days. Will let you know when there are photos!

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