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Laundry eggs

Thank you for all your replies. I think I have now talked myself out of buying one after reading reviews!

@littlebob I have seen these Eco eggs for sale in Robert Dyas and have often wondered how they clean without detergent!!! If you go to QVC’s website you can see quite a few reviews from people who have bought this product.


If you do decide to try these laundry eggs I would be most interested to find out if they do work and would appreciate your feedback.


Hi @littlebob welcome to the forum. Have to admit that I have never heard of a laundry egg so unable to assist.


Welcome to the forum.

You might be asking the wrong people. We’re all travellers, so are much more interested in people and places than we are in washing!

Hello, I’m new to this forum.
I’m thinking of buying one of those laundry eggs, like the ecoegg.
Does anyone have any experience of using these please?
I have very sensitive skin.
Do they wash as well as the usual products and are they a great money saving item?
Thank you for any thoughts.


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