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Proud Grandad or what!!

Thank you Fossil

Also thank you Gill, Jo, Pam, pink and applegroupie…………..

Your comments will be passed on to Hallie.


Great video’s Barrowman.


Of course you’re proud – what a wonderful young woman she is!

She’s absolutely brillliant, @Barrowman – so the whole family should be very proud – as it obviously takes a team to support her in their various ways. And how refreshing to see a young person actually doing something physical, rather than being ‘plugged in’ to a computer, x-box, or what have you. And a belated Happy 14th Birthday to her!

Albox, Costa Almeria, Spain

i think that, on steady flat ground i could probably do one or two of those hand movements, although perhaps not as gracefully, lol !

it’s just wonderful to see the advances hallie’s made over the past year ~ many thanks for the new video barrowman ~ and may grand-parental pride abound forever! meanwhile, clearly hallie’s giving you something special to be proud of. enjoy!


@Barrowman A very talented young lady indeed! Looking forward to seeing her in the 2020 Olympics. Wonder who she takes after?


What wonderful performances,such a talented girl.You have every right to be very proud.

North Northumberland

Hallie’s latest video’s, this time competing in Florida three weeks ago. The first one begins with Hallie already on the beam.

And this one is Hallie doing her floor routine.

Hallie achieved first place in the solo routines, and her team came second in the team events…..


Absolutely superb. Don’t just be proud, be very, very proud, you have every right to be.


Wow that was great, what a talent. It’s the beam that gets me, I just can’t imagine having the balance to be able to do any of that…..astonishing!

Essex UK
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