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Accommodation - Villa/cottage Reviews

Ksar Ezzit (Accommodation - Villa/cottage)
El Fahs

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"Feedback on the restaurant"

Date of stay:
April 2012

Length of stay:
3 Days

   ESW (GB)
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We spent three nights at Ksar Ezzit, an organic olive farm in the mountains south of El Fahs. We had full board during our stay. I have reviewed the restaurant here as it seems to fit here better than in the restaurant review section.

The restaurant is a pleasant white building set among the olive groves. There is a small patio area with seats outside overlooking the pond which has small fountains which gush water at intervals. Water plants grow round the edges and there are bright green frogs which jump off the stones and disappear as soon as you approach. Sit quietly and the reappear and begin to croak again.

Below the pond a series of terraces drop down the the swimming pool which is fed by natural spring water. It may not be to everyones taste as there is a slight algal growth in the bottom and there may be frogs in it.

There are good views across the olives from the large picture windows in the restaurant. Inside is an old wooden cart which provides a feature and well spaced out tables.

Apart from the first night we were the only residents so had the undivided attention of the young waitress who went out of her way to look after us.

Ksar Ezzit prides itself on its organic reputation and everything cooked and served in the restaurant is grown on the estate.

Breakfasts were excellent and self service buffets. There was freshly squeezed orange or carrot juice, small pots of wheat flour mixed with either orange juice or olive oil, fresh fruit (slices of orange, strawberries or wild passion fruits), dried fruits, eggs, freshly cooked pancakes, home made bread and a selection of jams and honey.

Lunch and dinner were similar and consisted of 5 courses. A starter of mozarella cheese with bread and olive oil, a salad, soup, another salad, meat course and finally fresh fruit washed down with what we think was ginger tea.

The salads often consisted of leaves and flowers growing wild on the farm. Michael described it as a sort of nouvelle cuisine meets ‘Gardener’s World’. Soups were invariably good. Main courses were variable and a bit strange. We are sure it was lamb’s knee caps one night… Another night was guinea fowl which I found very chewy and hard work to get the meat off the bones. The fresh fruit was always reliable and welcome.

Water was provided free at every meal. There is no wine list. Muslims don’t drink wine and they don’t have any vines.

Definitely a different experience.

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  1 Comment(s)      Post a Comment

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